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We know that each customer has specific needs, so we strive to meet those needs with a wide array of products, investment tools, mortgages, and best of all quality service and individual attention.

Today's technology is providing a more productive environment to work in. For example, through our website, you can submit a completely online, secure loan application.


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Simplified Mortgage is a Florida based mortgage brokerage offering a wide range of residential, commercial & investor loan options. From our detail and very thorough initial consultation, we will work as your “personal shopper” to secure you the best rate from one of our vast lending partners. Our loan advisors are highly trained professionals that will work tirelessly to ensure our clients dream of homeownership becomes a reality. Our company was founded on the simple premise that it does not have to be complicated or challenging to get a mortgage to buy or refinance a home.

Today's Rates

Rates are still low and are projected to remain relatively low throughout the year. Let us do the shopping for you... we partner with dozens of lenders!

Buying a Home

Understanding your buying power in this market is essential... Let us help you by showing you a detailed cost analysis.

Diverse Loan Options

We offer your standard lending options like Conventional Loans, FHA, VA and USDA. Need more options? You're in luck... We offer every type available.

Commercial Services

Are you looking for commercial lending options like an SBA loan? We have it! We partner with dozens of investors, No project is too big or small.

Tools & Estimators

We utilize some of the most advanced technology available to insure our clients have the best experience. From the highly secure online application to the portal to upload your supporting documentation, we have it all. We also invest in technology to help our clients understand the numbers, a system that is easy to follow.

Why Choose Us

Us (Brokers)


As brokers we have far superior technology and are tied to a desk. That give us the ability to work anytime and anywhere. In todays market, the ability to submit your offer on a home outside of “normal” business hours could be the difference between your contract being accepted or not


We live her and work here. We understand the local market and can meet with you in person if needed

Loan options

In addition to the standard loan options, FHA, VA, USDA & conventional, we originate loans through the largest wholesale lenders in the country which creates competition between them. That competition allows us to shop on your behalf and forces the lenders to compete for your loan file. This competition also allows us to have far greater options for loans (lower credit scores, higher debt ratios, specialty programs)


With a state-of-the-art tech stack and lenders on the cutting edge of underwriting, as brokers we can close loans faster than anyone in the market.

Lower rates

Unlike a bank or large lender that has offices all over the country and countless layers of management (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CMO etc), we work from home offices and virtual offices. With extremely low overhead for office space and no C level layers of management, we can pass those savings directly back to our clients through lower rates and fees.

Vs Them

Them (Bankers)


You’ve heard the term bankers hours before, banks work 9-5 and are typically not available after hours, weekends or holidays.


Banks typically rely on call centers around the country to handle their loan applications, you may be talking with someone who has never been to your community and has no idea about your local market

Loan options

At a retail bank, if you do not fit the perfect mold of what they are looking for, they will not be able to help you accomplish your homeownership goals


Most banks are terribly inefficient at mortgage lending (slow to underwrite and close), after all, they are not a mortgage company, they are a bank and banking is their strong suit

Lower rates

Most of the larger banking institutions have branches all over the country and major sporting venues named after them. All of costs of those levels of management, branches and venues are passed directly back to you through higher rates

Let's Compare

If you've been shopping for the best rate on your own and have a loan estimate from a bank or other lending institution, let us have a look. We can compare what we come up with vs what they are offering. Best part is, we work with all of the top rated wholesale lenders in the industry so we can shop them too!

5 Star Rated

Customer Satisfaction

"Josh was so helpful, professional and patient as we navigated through the home buying process!! We had to sell our current home to buy our new one and he went over and above for us: going over pros and cons of each option thoroughly, explaining next steps and of course answering our many questions. He was always just a call or text away when we needed him! And we got a great interest rate too! We highly recommend Josh 🤩"

– Jennifer Kunzweiler

"Josh’s assistance throughout the home buying process was spectacular! He has a keen ability to breakdown every aspect of how your personal funds will be utilized. Even though I had hundreds of questions, his patience and willingness to help was extraordinary. There were absolutely zero surprises throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Josh as you will not be disappointed!"

– Ted Colburn

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We provide all of our clients with a detailed financial analysis and a strategy to compete in today's sellers market. Having the right advisor to give you sound and concise direction can make all the difference in the world. Know your numbers, schedule your appointment Today!

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